2018 Testimonials

The Optical Summit was filled with training and interesting exhibitors as well as great get-togethers!”  


"Wow! What a great event, Optical Summit was. Interesting speakers, several additions to our skills as opticians, meeting with colleagues from various provinces, perfect organization!           

I had a lot of good reasons not to attend… but, after being there, I would have kicked myself if I had missed!"

"The Optical Summit was an incredible weekend, rewarding and motivating.  AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED!"

"Thank you very much for the Optical Summit event! I am more motivated than ever!! I love my job

"2018 Optical Summit, the indispensable get-together for Canada’s opticians."

"We were received like kings, educated, fed and entertained. An unforgettable weekend with many interesting meetings. Thanks for everything!"   

"What a wonderful Optical Summit that the OAC put on for us.  Many high-quality conferences were available. Inspirational, that’s the word that spontaneously comes to mind. Returned home with a head filled with ideas and innovations. Taking advantage of an opportunity like that weekend where everybody was there, just at ease…. No one trying to impress anyone. Thanks to everyone for the great work."


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