Canadian Safety Eyewear (CSE) Program

The Canadian Safety Eyewear (CSE) Program will help you open an untapped facet of your business. If you have thought about adding to your business by seeking to secure safety contracts with industries in your area, this program will be useful to you.

Through the CSE program you will be able to provide industries in your area with best prices on safety frames and lenses. The OAC can provide you with a marketing kit that will enable you to canvas industries in your area to sell the safety program.

The CSE program is administered for you by the OAC with all the invoicing and payment done centrally AND you will receive attractive dispensing fees. The average single vision-dispensing fee (frame and lenses included) is approximately $44. The average progressive lens-dispensing fee (frame and lenses included) is approximately $73.50.

You are not restricted to a specific laboratory to do your lens work. CSE will help you strike an agreement with a lab of your choice* on your behalf.

For more information about the CSE program, or to sign up, please call the OAC office at 1-800-847-3155 x 0, or e-mail

*If the lab you currently use does not service safety programs you will need to identify an alternate lab or we can help you by suggesting labs already in the program.


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Continuing Education

The Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) has an extensive online continuing education library available to its members for use towards their professional learning requirements. The online library consists of electronic module articles as well as video modules. New content is consistently being added to the online library for the benefit of our members.

OAC members receive unlimited online modules per year as a benefit of membership.  

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