PPG Scholarship Opportunity

PPG, in partnership with the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC), is offering a scholarship opportunity to one (1) individual accepted into Year One of the NAIT Optical Sciences Program for the Fall of 2019.

This scholarship is a three (3) year scholarship, covering a students' tuition fees for all four (4) semesters of the Eyeglasses Program and the two (2) semester Contact Lens program.*

This opportunity is available to new OAC students only (within Canada, outside of the province of Alberta), enrolling and accepted for the first time into the NAIT Optical Sciences Eyeglasses Program for the Fall of 2019.

*The scholarship winner may opt out of the additional two (2) semester Contact Lens program if they do not wish to pursue training in Contact Lenses. Tuition fees for the Contact Lens program are not paid out to the student if they opt out of the additional training.

The submission period is June 28th to August 7th.


To be eligible, entrants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Apply and be accepted (for the first time) into Year One of the NAIT/OAC Optical Sciences Eyeglasses Program for the Fall 2019 intake.

  2. Reside within Canada (with status of Canadian citizen or permanent resident), outside of the province of Alberta (Therefore designated a NAIT/OAC student applicant).

  3. Send in your submission (see 'How to Apply' details below) within the submission period.


1. Those interested should submit a response to the question below using one of the following methods: in writing (200 words or less), in a short video (less than 5 minutes) or other creative expression. You choose!

  • Connecting with your patients to help them see and experience their world is one of the most important roles of an Optician. Tell us about your unique personality traits and passions that will help you create those connections. 

Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges from PPG and the OAC

2. Email your submission, along with a completed PPG SCHOLARSHIP Submission form to

  • oacppgscholarship@gmail.com between the contest submission period of June 28th to August 7th
    (One submission allowed per student applicant)

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