OAC Intracom - October 2019
October 2019 
By Jim Thompson, Optician, COA
Reducing myopia has been a desirable concept for decades. Myopia has been considered a ‘manageable’ ocular defect that affects a vast number of the worldwide population. We must stop regarding myopia as an ocular defect and start considering it a health problem. Indeed, many ocular specialists consider myopia as a disease and the health risks for individuals are potentially devastating as we age. This topic of myopia control is for another discussion so today we will focus on one method of reducing nearsightedness, orthokeratology.

First, let’s consider the options of reducing myopia. We all know that LASIK, PRK, and RLE (refractive lens exchange) have been accepted procedures for reducing myopic corrections for the moderate to high corrections. Don’t forget that surgery is forever. There is always a risk of complications, defects and debilitating issues that may arise one day, one month or several years following ocular surgery. There is a huge demand for practitioners that excel in post LASIK ectasia
complications. Our practice is one that specializes in this important sub specialty, scleral lenses. Again, a topic for another day.

Today, let’s talk about the non surgical, non invasive and reversible process of orthokeratology. Ortho-k is the process of temporarily re-aligning or reshaping the outermost layer of epithelial cells on the cornea. Continue Reading...
Vision RX
The OAC is delighted to announce Michelle Skinner as our newest Board member.

On October 20th to 26th, the OAC held an election for a Provincial Director representing Newfoundland & Labrador. It was an extremely close election with Michelle Skinner as the successful candidate for the provincial representative. We look forward to working with her.

Congratulations Michelle and thank you to all who put their names forward for this position.
Michelle Skinner
MAY 2nd & 3rd, 2020  |  AMHERST, NOVA SCOTIA
The provincial associations and regulatory boards from Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island with the Opticians Association of Canada have joined forces to offer Opticians a unique professional development event called Atlantic Summit.

A committee has been developed including all association and regulatory stakeholders to ensure collaborative planning. Special thanks to NSSDO as the host province and for allowing the OAC to act as facilitator.

This event will feature:
• Accredited Continuing Education
• Social Events Included with Registration
• Hotel & Meals Included with Registration

Renew your 2020 OAC Membership today and benefit from a reduced rate when registering for the Atlantic Summit in mid-January.
B y Marie-Christine Albert, M.Sc.
  Dear readers, do you tend to...
  • want to do your best in every situation?
  • not take the time to savour your successes?
  • have trouble making decisions and feel paralyzed by indecision?
  • think that being flawless will protect you from the judgment or disapproval of others?
  • produce results that exceed expectations, thanks to your hard work and critical thinking?
If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may have perfectionist tendencies.

It’s undeniable: being a perfectionist pays off! You are congratulated, admired and offered projects or new activities: the spotlight is on you! Indeed, seeking personal development and a sense of fulfillment is a sign of good health.

Where it gets complicated is when perfectionism becomes obsessive and affects your well-being:
your expectations for yourself get out of hand, you find yourself constantly dissatisfied and you feel devalued. If you aren’t careful, you can end up in a destructive spiral of need for recognition, chronic stress, depression, deteriorating personal relationships, etc. Continuing Reading...
Bailey Nelson
The Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) has updated its method of electing their OAC Representative. We are inviting Licensed Opticians in Ontario to vote for the new OAC Board Member via Simply Voting. Simply Voting is an anonymous online voting system based on the web.

To vote, an email has been sent through Simply Voting with a link to gain access to the election website, your Association Member ID and a password has been generated by Simply Voting. A direct link is also given. Simply click on that link to be redirected to the election page. The results will be released on Monday November 4th, 2019.
Please be sure to accept @simplyvoting.com as a safe sender and check your junk mail.

The election is running from October 28th to November 3rd, 2019 .
By Luc Sauvageau, OOD, AOOQ President
To all members of the Association des Opticiennes et Opticiens du Québec: You are invited to participate in the annual general meeting of the Association des Opticiennes et Opticiens du Québec (AOOQ).

When? Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
Where? In the meeting room at 1150 Lévis Street, 3rd floor, Terrebonne, Quebec J6W 5S6
1. Welcome and call to order
2. Approval of the agenda
3. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting
4. Report on the past year’s activities and projects
5. Financial report
6. Election of the new board of directors
7. Miscellaneous
8. Adjournment

I would like to draw your attention to point 6 and inform you that any member in good standing can apply to serve on the board of directors.

In addition, as this meeting is informative as well, all opticians are welcome to attend. However, only members in good standing will have the right to vote.

We look forward to seeing you on November 10th.
Contact Lens Spectrum Magazine - October 2019 - Page 12
“The interaction between a contact lens and the ocular surface is key to achieving success with lens wear. Over recent years, we have become far more cognizant of this intimate relationship. Abnormalities in the ocular surface that are often associated with dry eye disease can create great challenges to contact lens wear. Additionally, contact lenses can significantly exacerbate signs and symptoms of ocular surface and dry eye disease. Finally, certain contact lenses may be therapeutically used to address ocular surface disease for specific cases. We will explore what the research is telling us about this critically important relationship between contact lenses and ocular surface disease."  Continue Reading...
CL Spectrum Magazine
The International Opticians Association (IOA) is looking forward to welcoming members and supporters to Thailand in 2020 for its 33rd biennial summit.

Membership of the IOA is including in your OAC membership, which gives you the chance to join the IOA for a week of education and informative debate about the world of optics. You can combine visits to key optical facilities in Thailand with enjoyable days out, fantastic meals in the company of like-minded colleagues from the world of optics, and the chance to go to SILMO Bangkok. [...]

Prices include six nights’ accommodation, breakfast each day, four lunches and five dinners. NB Flights are not included and you will need to book these yourself.

Book by November 30, 2019 to take advantage of the early bird discount, whether you want to pay in full or pay in installments. BOOK HERE

For more information, CLICK HERE
OAC Partners
OAC Partners

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