OAC Intracom - July 2019
July 2019
By Dr Rob Kloepfer - Follow him on Intagram @EyeDrKloepfer

During an eye examination we get to know our patients’ medical and visual history as it can influence their vision. Furthermore, we ask about employment, hobbies and interests to build a relationship and create a trust. As an eyecare provider we should also be discussing spectacle options to cover all activities within a day. Task-specific glasses not only help meet the various visual demands during the day but they can also serve as protection against ocular injuries. Specifically, safety glasses should be discussed for a variety of scenarios such as certain professions, hobbies, sports, or outdoor chores.  Recommend the second pair of glasses, your patients deserve it.

An article written by the Alberta Eyesafe program in 2015 indicated that over 700 workers per day sustained ocular injuries while on the job in Canada. While this number is staggering, it is worse because 90% of the injuries were preventable if proper safety gear was worn, including safety eyewear. A variety of ocular injuries are treated every single year and are not necessarily just on the job.

There are endless examples of ocular injuries that happen throughout the day and in various situations. Household products, such as cleaning agents may not be considered ocular risks. Sports-related injuries including flying debris or collision with other players at high speeds can cause significant ocular trauma. Woodworking, cutting the lawn, or gardening can result in airborne material harmful to the eye. Children can be exposed to various hazards while playing outside, participating in sports, or while in school. It comes as no surprise that farmers, mechanics, and oilfield workers experience higher exposure to ocular risks. Continue Reading...
Metal Foreign Body Removal
Bailey Nelson
When the OAC learned that one of our members, Sean Sylvestre, Founder & CEO of Mobile Vision Care Clinic Inc. , had been selected as one of the 2019 recipients of Canada’s Top 40 under 40, a celebration of the top up-and-coming leaders in the country, we could not help but ask him some questions and share it with you. Thank you Sean for inspiring us.

How is Mobile Vision Care Service different from other mobile clinics?
I think what makes our clinic different is that we have a higher purpose to our organization. For those of you who read the teachings of Simon Sinek’s "start with why”; that is how our business started. Unlike most clinics we are not profit centric but rather we are focused on the social good we can provide to those in need. Our program is a social enterprise focused on addressing the gap in access to care. Most of our clients live in poverty and without our program would not be able to access proper vision care.

How do you see the future of the Optical Industry?
I think that the optical industry is in a constant state of change now. It seems as though in the minds of our patients, our products and services are seen less and less as medical and more and more as retail products and services. As a result, I believe the future of the optical industry is going to focus on ease and convince for the patient. In my opinion those optical providers who have the vision and flexibility to understand what the evolving optical customer wants and expects and has the ability to meet these needs will be well positioned into the future. As a result, I believe we will continue to see new business models and disruptive technologies enter our industry for the foreseeable future. I think this is an exciting time for the optical industry as innovation will be key moving forward.

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Do you have blind or visually impaired patients between the ages of 17 and 30? Are they striving to find meaningful employment and a community of peers? If so, Fighting Blindness Canada’s Young Leaders Program could be a great opportunity for them! Continue Reading...
FBC's Young Leaders Program
Optik #OptikEyeStyle shows bring leading independent eyewear collections to discerning independent eye care professionals looking to provide a differentiation edge to their eyewear galleries. Optical buyers and practice owner are invited to join the #OptikEyeStyle Tour. Over 20 exhibitors and 50 independent eyewear collections. Join like-minded eyewear enthusiasts to learn, share and network.

Frame Show: 6 PM to 8:45 PM
Presentation and Prizes: 8:45 PM to 9 PM
After Party Social: 9 PM to 11 PM
Light fare and beverages available. 

For more information, click HERE.

It’s not news that an eco-conscious, green wave is sweeping our nation. With an impending ban on all single use plastics by 2021, one must wonder: in an industry built on plastics, what can we do around our practice to reduce our waste, plastic and other?

Here are some steps we’ve taken in our office to reduce our impact on our planet:
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Vision Rx Lab, Canada
Manitoba is one of the three prairie provinces and is Canada's fifth-most populous province with its estimated 1.3 million people. We count 267 Licenced Opticians, and more than 79% of them believe in OAC’s mission and take advantage of what the Association has to offer. [...]

We are very excited for this upcoming Fall. The OAC Manitoba Chapter will be hosting a full day of Accredited Continuing Education, called Vision Manitoba, on Sunday, September 8. This is not it! On September 13, Grad Night! We will celebrate with our newly licensed graduates and honouring their achievements. MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Please visit www.oaclive.ca regularly for more details. [...]

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On September 16, 2019, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) will launch a new vision benefits plan for First Nations clients in British Columbia. The new plan is designed to improve the claiming experience for clients and vision care Providers and is based on extensive engagement with First Nations communities.

The new plan will be administered by Pacific Blue Cross. Features of this plan:
  • Eye exams will be reimbursed up to $100 every two calendar years.
  • Standard prescription eyewear will be reimbursed up to $275 every two calendar years (or up to $415 for high-index).
  • Pre-approvals only required for exceptional client needs beyond these amounts. 
Vision care Providers in BC will be able to submit pay-direct claims on behalf of FNHA clients through the Pacific Blue Cross website at pac.bluecross.ca/provider.

The FNHA is the only province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. Its vision is to support the health and well-being of approximately 144,000 First Nations people in BC. The FNHA is the only province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. Its vision is to support the health and well-being of approximately 144,000 First Nations people in BC. Continue Reading...
by Luc Sauvageau, Optician, AOOQ President & OAC Director
The Association des Opticiennes et Opticiens du Québec (AOOQ) has formed a coalition with a dozen other associations with an eye to changing the all-too-often abusive behaviour of the syndics. [...]

Therefore, we are requesting that changes to the law be made requiring a code of ethics for professional order syndics and the implementation of a structure under which these syndics will be held accountable and responsible for their actions. [...]

Following a meeting with Charles Roy, the project initiator and president of the Association des Psychologues du Québec, the Justice Minister asked the Québec Interprofessional Council to form a committee tasked with investigating the situation. This is good news in itself, but we want to improve things by making requests at this time for at least one association representative to sit on this committee. We will keep you posted as the situation develops. [...]

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Contact Lens Spectrum Magazine – July 2019

Whatever the etiology, practitioners need to decipher what is causing patients' dryness symptoms to maintain comfortable lens wear.
CL Spectrum
OAC Partners
OAC Partners

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