OOA Ottawa Professional Learning 2017
24-Sep-2017 7:15 AM - 6:00 PM - OOA Ottawa Professional Learning 2017
Hilton Garden Inn
1000 Airport Parkway Private
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9B4
OOA Ottawa Professional Learning 2017
Our lineup of presentations is shaping up nicely.   Randy Kojima will enlighten you with his knowledge of specialty contact lenses and the Myopia epidemic facing the world, and what role opticians can play. Dr. Jon Wareham will familiarize attendees on the topic of   Vision Therapy and the Prescribing Habits of Behavioural Optometrists ( VTOD ).

You will enjoy comfortable seating and you won’t go hungry with breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks being provided. The day will also include a trade show where our industry vendors will display their latest offerings.


Earn three Eyeglass, three Contact Lens accredited hours, and 1 Self-directed hour*

*Accreditation pending



Stay tuned for updates


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