The OAC wants to help our Optician members remain at the top of their professional learning commitment.  The journey through the OAC-M program is invaluable in both its new content and reviewed skill sets. Canada has great Opticians; the OAC wants to ensure our members are educationally current and are always willing to learn. We want to demonstrate to our peers all across the world our members are GREAT Opticians, that have taken their education seriously and are practicing at the top of the field.

The OAC-M program consists of three (3) Levels. Each Level consists of four (4) in-person learning courses, an in-person review and an exam covering all 4 courses. Upon completion of all three (3) Levels, a member may participate in the final program exam. At the current time, OACM courses are offered in-person only, and will be held at OAC hosted events across the country.

The certificate exam is only available for OAC members, and if successfully completed, the OAC member will have demonstrated a level of skill that is at the top of their professional field and thus, deserved of the title OACM.




OACM - 1: History and Vision Care Technology
NACOR # 110.331: 1 EG      COO: #3543: 1 EG      OODQ: 1 Prof N-C      CAO: 1 hour

OACM - 2: Lens Cross
NACOR # 110.332: 1 EG      COO: #3544: 0.5 EG       OODQ: 1 Prof N-C      CAO: 1 hour

OACM - 3: Power of Cylinder Away From Axis
NACOR # 110.330: 1 EG      COO: #3546: 0.5 EG      OODQ: 1 Prof N-C      CAO: 1 hour

OACM - 4: Curves
NACOR # 110.333: 1 EG      COO: #3545: 1 EG      OODQ: 1 Prof N-C      CAO: 1 hour

•             OAC – M1 to M4 Review

•             OAC – M1 to M4 Examination

•             OAC – M5 Course

•             OAC – M6 Course

•             OAC – M7 Course

•             OAC – M8 Course

•             OAC – M5 to M8 Review

•             OAC – M5 to M8 Examination

•             OAC – M9 Course

•             OAC – M10 Course

•             OAC – M11 Course

•             OAC – M12 Course

•             OAC – M9 to M12 Review

•             OAC – M9 to M12 Examination

•             OACM Certificate Examination (Available for OAC members only)

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